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Próximos eventos literarios

Estos son algunos de los últmos eventos más relevantes de la literarura latinoaméricana

Taller de Narrativa Breve - Carmen Ollé
Taller Narrativa Breve - Carmen Ollé

VII Congreso Internacional de Narrativa Fantástica
VII Congreso Narrativa Fantástica

III Congreso Internacional Literatura y Enfermedad
III Congreso Literatura y Enfermedad

Para más infomación:  Convocatoria III congreso de Literatura y enfermedad

Congreso Internacional 100 años de Javier Sologuren
Congreso Javier Sologuren

Literature Events to come

These are some of the latest most relevant events in Latin American literature

Short Narrative Workshop - Carmen Ollé
Short Narrative Workshop - Carmen Ollé

VII International Congress of Fantastic Narrative
VII International Congress of Fantastic Narrative

III International Congress Literature and Illness
III Congress Literature and Illness

For more information:  Call for the III congress of Literature and Illness

International Congress 100 years of Javier Sologuren
Congress 100 years of Javier Sologuren

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Celacp received funds from the Ministry of culture to promote Peruvian authors
Peruvian authors promotion fund

The CELACP continues to grow

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